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LOCATOR Male Processing Pack (Rett)

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LOCATOR Processing Packs & Inserts: Engineered to Flex, Pivot, and Absorb

Removable overdentures have a natural movement. The LOCATOR® Attachment System was engineered with resiliency to prevent possible complications brought by this natural movement.

  • A nylon insert allows the denture attachment housing to pivot independently with ease.
  • The rotational movement of the denture attachment housing is designed to alleviate load transfers to the abutment or implant. 
  • A smooth, resilient fit of the housing to the insert and a static connection of the insert to the abutment protects and prolongs the life of the system.

STANDARD RANGE MALES: Up to 10° Angle Correction / 20° Between Two Implants

  • Independent pivoting system alleviates load transfers to abutments and implants
  • Reduces wear on overdenture abutments and implants
  • Cost-effective
  • Easily replaceable by clinicians
  • Available in multiple retention strengths:
    • Extra Light Retention (Blue)
    • Light Retention (Pink)
    • Regular Retention (Clear)