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LOCATOR Abutment Collar Multi-Unit (2 Pack)

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LOCATOR attachments for multi-unit abutments allow clinicians to transition patients from a screw-retained fixed prosthesis to a removable overdenture solution with ease by utilizing the existing implant manufactured multi-unit abutments with the LOCATOR Attachment System for Multi-Unit Abutments.

Implant Compatibility:

LOCATOR attachments for multi-unit abutments are compatible with multi-unit abutments from: 

  • Nobel Biocare
  • Biohorizons
  • Thommen
  • Implant Direct

Multi-unit abutments must be purchased from the original implant manufacturer. 


LOCATOR attachments for multi-unit abutments have the same functionality as LOCATOR attachments for implants. LOCATORs attachments are:

  • Self-aligning, dual retentive design to enhance engagement and stability of the overdenture
  • Low profile to maximize interocclusal space
  • Customizable levels of retention
  • Designed for free-standing and castable bar-splinted applications



Zest’s humble beginning started in 1972 within a small dental laboratory in San Diego, California. From that point through 1976, the original founder Max Zuest recognized the continual problems his clinician customers were experiencing with patients’ overdentures. During this time, the Zest® Attachment originated, a solution considered to be far better than what was on the market at the time. In 1977 Mr. Zuest’s son, Paul Zuest, joined him officially forming Zest Anchors and releasing the second generation Zest Anchor Advanced Generation (ZAAG®) Attachment. The ZAAG Attachment was designed for all major implant systems, a product differentiator that proved to be an important growth driver resulting in the need for a larger manufacturing facility in Escondido, California. In 2000, realizing improvements could still be made to the product portfolio, Paul took over operations of the company, and together with Scott Mullaly, set forth to develop a product that would eventually become the most globally recognized and trusted brand for overdenture restorations, the LOCATOR® Attachment System, commercially released in 2001. In late 2009, Zest Anchors was acquired by the private equity firm The Jordan Group.